Always Hot Deluxe slots

The always hot deluxe was introduced into the casinos as an improvement of the always hot casino game. For fans of the casino game, this is a big improvement that you would definitely love if you try. The game is interactive and fun to play. First, it consists of three reels and five lines that are active at an instant.


One has to place a bet on any line. You can choose to place your bets on all of the five lines, with a maximum bet of 200 credits on each line, which means that one can place up to 1000 credits. The minimum amount of credit that one can place on a line is 8 credits. There are no free spins, wild symbols or scatter symbols. Only the standard symbols exist. The only extra feature the game has is the double game or gamble feature. One is also allowed to play for free without necessarily registering.


To win, you have to have 3 same symbols on at least one line. In the best situation possible, you can have all features in all active lines being the same. In this case, you will win up to 300 times the bet you had placed. This however rarely happen, that’s why it is called a gamble. If you win, the amount due is calculated. Two values are needed. The bet credit you placed in each line and the bet index as indicated on a special table created for the game. The index can vary from as low as x40 to a maximum of x300.


Once a gambler is done with the first round, they have the option of bringing the money they have won along with them to their bank or using part of it for another round. The gambling feature can also be utilized at this point. The gambling feature is interesting though difficult. The odds of getting it right is 0.5. In the gambling feature, a card is shown to one facing down and the gambler has to guess which color the card is. If you are lucky enough to get the answer right, then the stakes you have won are doubled. The risk comes however when one guesses it wrong and loses as all the money they have won goes back to casino. We wouldn’t want to say that it is a feature you shouldn’t try because hey! Gambling is all about winning or losing.


You can make more than one bet on the Always Hot Deluxe slots although you can’t make as many as you would want because the number of bets that one can make are limited. As mentioned earlier, the game is quite interactive. The symbols are in fact interesting as they consists majorly of fruits such as plums, lemons, grapes and watermelons. The game however doesn’t cater for a jackpot prize like most other casino games do. Bonus games too have not been included. Another option that has been added to make the game more interesting is that one doesn’t have to wait until the reels finish spinning by themselves. You have the option of stopping them in the middle of their spin just so you can get the correct matches of the symbols.


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